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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G1 A Alpha Verses
G2 Aaron Aaron Verses
G3 Abaddon Abaddon Verses
G4 Abares not burdensome Verses
G5 Abba Abba Verses
G6 Abel Abel Verses
G7 Abia Abia Verses
G8 Abiathar Abiathar Verses
G9 Abilene Abilene Verses
G10 Abioud Abiud Verses
G11 Abraam Abraham Verses
G12 Abussos bottomless pit, deep, bottomless Verses
G13 Agabos Agabus Verses
G14 Agathoergeo do good Verses
G15 Agathopoieo do good, well doing, do well Verses
G16 Agathopoiia well doing Verses
G17 Agathopoios do well Verses
G18 Agathos good, good thing, that which is good + , the thing which is good + , well, benefit Verses
G19 Agathosune goodness Verses
G20 Agalliasis gladness, joy, exceeding joy Verses
G21 Agalliao rejoice, be exceeding glad, be glad, greatly rejoice, with exceeding joy Verses
G22 Agamos unmarried Verses
G23 Aganakteo have indignation, be much displeased, with indignation, be sore displeased Verses
G24 Aganaktesis indignation Verses
G25 Agapao love, beloved Verses
G26 Agape love, charity, dear, charitably + , feast of charity Verses
G27 Agapetos beloved, dearly beloved, well beloved, dear Verses
G28 Hagar Agar Verses
G29 Aggareuo compel to go Verses
G30 Aggeion vessel Verses
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