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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G896 Baal Baal Verses
G897 Babulon Babylon Verses
G898 Bathmos degree Verses
G899 Bathos depth, deep, deep + , deepness, deep thing Verses
G900 Bathuno dig deep + Verses
G901 Bathus deep, very early in the morning + Verses
G902 Baion branch Verses
G903 Balaam Balaam Verses
G904 Balak Balac Verses
G905 Balantion purse, bag Verses
G906 Ballo cast, put, thrust, cast out, lay, lie, miscellaneous Verses
G907 Baptizo baptize, wash, baptist, baptized + Verses
G908 Baptisma baptism Verses
G909 Baptismos washing, baptism Verses
G910 Baptistes Baptist Verses
G911 Bapto dip Verses
G912 Barabbas Barabbas Verses
G913 Barak Barak Verses
G914 Barachias Barachias Verses
G915 Barbaros barbarian, barbarous Verses
G916 Bareo be heavy, be pressed, be burdened, be charged Verses
G917 Bareos dully Verses
G918 Bartholomaios Bartholomew Verses
G919 Bariesous Barjesus Verses
G920 Barionas Barjona Verses
G921 Barnabas Barnabas Verses
G922 Baros burden, burdensome + , weight Verses
G923 Barsabas Joseph, Judas Verses
G924 Bartimaios Bartimaeus Verses
G925 Baruno be overcharged Verses
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