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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G5463 Chairo rejoice, be glad, joy, hail, greeting, God speed, all hail, joyfully, farewell Verses
G5464 Chalaza hail Verses
G5465 Chalao let down, strike Verses
G5466 Chaldaios Chaldean Verses
G5467 Chalepos fierce, perilous Verses
G5468 Chalinagogeo bridle Verses
G5469 Chalinos bit, bridle Verses
G5470 Chalkeos brass Verses
G5471 Chalkeus coppersmith Verses
G5472 Chalkedon chalcedony Verses
G5473 Chalkion brasen vessel Verses
G5474 Chalkolibanon fine brass Verses
G5475 Chalkos brass, money Verses
G5476 Chamai on the ground, to the ground Verses
G5477 Chanaan Chanaan Verses
G5478 Chanaanaios of Canaan Verses
G5479 Chara joy, gladness, joyful, joyous, joyfulness, joyfully + , greatly Verses
G5480 Charagma mark, graven Verses
G5481 Charakter express image Verses
G5482 Charax trench Verses
G5483 Charizomai forgive, give, freely give, deliver, grant, frankly forgive Verses
G5484 Charin for this cause + , because of, wherefore + , wherefore + , for ... sake, to speak reproachfully + Verses
G5485 Charis grace, favour, thanks, thank, thank + , pleasure, miscellaneous Verses
G5486 Charisma gift, free gift Verses
G5487 Charitoo be highly favoured, make accepted Verses
G5488 Charrhan Charran Verses
G5489 Chartes paper Verses
G5490 Chasma gulf Verses
G5491 Cheilos lip, shore Verses
G5492 Cheimazo be tossed with tempest Verses
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