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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G1138 Dabid David Verses
G1139 Daimonizomai possessed with devils, possessed with the devil, of the devils, vexed with a devil, possessed with a devil, have a devil Verses
G1140 Daimonion devil, god Verses
G1141 Daimoniodes devilish Verses
G1142 Daimon devils, devil Verses
G1143 Dakno bite Verses
G1144 Dakru tear Verses
G1145 Dakruo weep Verses
G1146 Daktulios ring Verses
G1147 Daktulos finger Verses
G1148 Dalmanoutha Dalmanutha Verses
G1149 Dalmatia Dalmatia Verses
G1150 Damazo tame Verses
G1151 Damalis heifer Verses
G1152 Damaris Damaris Verses
G1153 Damaskenos Damascenes Verses
G1154 Damaskos Damascus Verses
G1155 Daneizo lend, borrow Verses
G1156 Daneion debt Verses
G1157 Daneistes creditor Verses
G1158 Daniel Daniel Verses
G1159 Dapanao spend, be at charges with, consume Verses
G1160 Dapane cost Verses
G1161 De but, and, now, then, also, yet, yea, so, moreover, nevertheless, for, even, miscellaneous, not translated Verses
G1162 Deesis prayer, supplication, request Verses
G1163 Dei must, ought, must needs, should, miscellaneous, vr ought Verses
G1164 Deigma example Verses
G1165 Deigmatizo make a show Verses
G1166 Deiknuo show Verses
G1167 Deilia fear Verses
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