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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G1436 Ea alone Verses
G1437 Ean if, whosoever + , whatsoever + , though, miscellaneous Verses
G1439 Eao suffer, let alone, leave, let, commit Verses
G1443 Eber Heber Verses
G1448 Eggizo draw nigh, be at hand, come nigh, come near, draw near, miscellaneous Verses
G1449 Eggrapho write Verses
G1450 Egguos surety Verses
G1451 Eggus nigh, at hand, nigh at hand, near, from, nigh unto, ready Verses
G1452 Egguteron nearer Verses
G1453 Egeiro rise, raise, arise, raise up, rise up, rise again, raise again, miscellaneous Verses
G1454 Egersis resurrection Verses
G1455 Egkathetos spy Verses
G1456 Egkainia feast of dedication Verses
G1457 Egkainizo dedicate, consecrate Verses
G1458 Egkaleo accuse, implead, call in question, lay anything to the charge Verses
G1459 Egkataleipo forsake, leave Verses
G1460 Egkatoikeo dwell among Verses
G1461 Egkentrizo graff in, graff, graff into Verses
G1462 Egklema laid to (one's) charge, crime laid against (one) Verses
G1463 Egkomboomai be clothed with Verses
G1464 Egkope hinder Verses
G1465 Egkopto hinder, be tedious unto Verses
G1466 Egkrateia temperance Verses
G1467 Egkrateuomai can contain, be temperate Verses
G1468 Egkrates temperate Verses
G1469 Egkrino make of the number Verses
G1470 Ekgrupto hide in Verses
G1471 Egkuos great with child Verses
G1472 Egchrio anoint Verses
G1473 Ego I, my, me, not translated Verses
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