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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G1042 Gabbatha Gabbatha Verses
G1043 Gabriel Gabriel Verses
G1044 Gaggraina canker Verses
G1045 Gad Gad Verses
G1046 Gadarenos Gadarenes Verses
G1047 Gaza treasure Verses
G1048 Gaza Gaza Verses
G1049 Gazophulakion treasury Verses
G1050 Gaios Gaius (of Corinth), Gaius (of Macedonia), Gaius (of Derbe), Gaius (a Christian) Verses
G1051 Gala milk Verses
G1052 Galates Galatians Verses
G1053 Galatia Galatia Verses
G1054 Galatikos of Galatia Verses
G1055 Galene calm Verses
G1056 Galilaia Galilee Verses
G1057 Galilaios Galilaean, of Galilee Verses
G1058 Gallion Gallio Verses
G1059 Gamaliel Gamaliel Verses
G1060 Gameo marry, married, marry a wife Verses
G1061 Gamisko give in marriage Verses
G1062 Gamos marriage, wedding Verses
G1063 Gar for, miscellaneous, not translated Verses
G1064 Gaster be with child + + , with child + + , womb, belly Verses
G1065 Ge yet, at least, beside, doubtless, not translated Verses
G1066 Gedeon Gedeon Verses
G1067 Geenna hell, hell fire + + Verses
G1068 Gethsemane Gethsemane Verses
G1069 Geiton neighbour Verses
G1070 Gelao laugh Verses
G1071 Gelos laughter Verses
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