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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G28 Hagar Agar Verses
G37 Hagiazo sanctify, hallow, be holy Verses
G38 Hagiasmos holiness, sanctification Verses
G39 Hagion sanctuary, holy place, holiest of all, holiness Verses
G40 Hagios holy, saints, Holy One, miscellaneous Verses
G41 Hagiotes holiness Verses
G42 Hagiosune holiness Verses
G47 Hagneia purity Verses
G48 Hagnizo purify, purify (one's) self Verses
G49 Hagnismos purification Verses
G53 Hagnos pure, chaste, clear Verses
G54 Hagnotes pureness Verses
G55 Hagnos sincerely Verses
G86 Hades hell, grave Verses
G100 Hadrotes abundance Verses
G129 Haima blood Verses
G130 Haimatekchusia shedding of blood Verses
G131 Haimorrheo diseased with an issue of blood Verses
G138 Haireomai choose Verses
G139 Hairesis sect, heresy Verses
G140 Hairetizo choose Verses
G141 Hairetikos that is a heretic Verses
G217 Halas salt Verses
G231 Halieus fishers, fishermen Verses
G232 Halieuo a fishing Verses
G233 Halizo to salt Verses
G242 Hallomai leap, spring up Verses
G251 hals salt Verses
G252 Halukos salt Verses
G254 Halusis chain, bonds Verses
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