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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G2383 Iaeiros Jairus Verses
G2384 Iakob Jacob Verses
G2385 Iakobos James (son of Zebedee), James (son of Alphaeus), James (half-brother of Jesus) Verses
G2386 Iama healing Verses
G2387 Iambres Jambres Verses
G2388 Ianna Janna Verses
G2389 Iannes Jannes Verses
G2390 Iaomai heal, make whole Verses
G2391 Iared Jared Verses
G2392 Iasis cure, to heal + , healing Verses
G2393 Iaspis jasper Verses
G2394 Iason Jason Verses
G2395 Iatros physician Verses
G2396 Ide behold, lo, look, see Verses
G2397 Idea countenance Verses
G2398 Idios his own, their own, privately, apart, your own, his, own, not translated, miscellaneous Verses
G2399 Idiotes unlearned, ignorant, rude Verses
G2400 Idou behold, lo, see Verses
G2401 Idoumaia Idumaea Verses
G2403 Iezabel Jezebel Verses
G2408 Ieremias Jeremias, Jeremy Verses
G2421 Iessai Jesse Verses
G2422 Iephthae Jephthae Verses
G2423 Iechonias Jechonias Verses
G2424 Iesous Jesus, Jesus (Joshua), Jesus (Justus) Verses
G2430 Ikonion Iconium Verses
G2437 Illurikon Illyricum Verses
G2445 Ioppe Joppa Verses
G2446 Iordanes Jordan Verses
G2447 Ios poison, rust Verses
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