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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G2504 Kago and I, I also, so I, I, even I, me also, miscellaneous Verses
G2505 Katha as Verses
G2506 Kathairesis destruction, pulling down Verses
G2507 Kathaireo take down, destroy, put down, pull down, cast down Verses
G2508 Kathairo purge Verses
G2509 Kathaper as, even as, as well as Verses
G2510 Kathapto fasten on Verses
G2511 Katharizo cleanse, make clean, be clean, purge, purify Verses
G2512 Katharismos cleansing, purifying, be purged, purge + , purification Verses
G2513 Katharos pure, clean, clear Verses
G2514 Katharotes purifying Verses
G2515 Kathedra seat Verses
G2516 Kathezomai sit Verses
G2517 Kathexes in order, afterward, after, by order Verses
G2518 Katheudo sleep Verses
G2519 Kathegetes master Verses
G2520 Katheko fit, convenient Verses
G2521 Kathemai sit, sit down, sit by, be set down, dwell Verses
G2522 Kathemerinos daily Verses
G2523 Kathizo sit, sit down, set, be set, be set down, continue, tarry Verses
G2524 Kathiemi let down Verses
G2525 Kathistemi make, make ruler, ordain, be, appoint, conduct, set Verses
G2526 Katho according to, as, inasmuch as Verses
G2527 Katholou at all Verses
G2528 Kathoplizo arm Verses
G2529 Kathorao clearly see Verses
G2530 Kathoti because, forsomuch as, as, according as Verses
G2531 Kathos as, even as, according as, when, according to, how, as well as + Verses
G2532 Kai and, also, even, both, then, so, likewise, not translated, miscellaneous, vr and Verses
G2533 Kaiaphas Caiaphas Verses
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