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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G2975 Lagchano obtain, be (one's) lot, cast lots Verses
G2976 Lazaros Lazarus, Lazarus (the poor man) Verses
G2977 Lathra privily, secretly Verses
G2978 Lailaps storm, tempest Verses
G2979 Laktizo kick Verses
G2980 Laleo speak, say, tell, talk, preach, utter, miscellaneous, vr speak Verses
G2981 Lalia speech, saying Verses
G2982 Lama lama Verses
G2983 Lambano receive, take, have, catch, not translated, miscellaneous Verses
G2984 Lamech Lamech Verses
G2985 Lampas lamp, torch, light Verses
G2986 Lampros bright, goodly, white, gorgeous, gay, clear Verses
G2987 Lamprotes brightness Verses
G2988 Lampros sumptuously Verses
G2989 Lampo shine, give light Verses
G2990 Lanthano be hid, be ignorant of, unawares Verses
G2991 Laxeutos hewn in stone Verses
G2992 Laos people Verses
G2993 Laodikeia Laodicea Verses
G2994 Laodikeus Laodiceans Verses
G2995 Larugx throat Verses
G2996 Lasaia Lasea Verses
G2997 Lascho burst asunder Verses
G2998 Latomeo hew Verses
G2999 Latreia service, divine service Verses
G3000 Latreuo serve, worship, do the service, worshipper Verses
G3001 Lachanon herb Verses
G3002 Lebbaios Lebbaeus Verses
G3003 Legeon legion Verses
G3004 Lego say, speak, call, tell, miscellaneous Verses
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