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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G3092 Maath Maath Verses
G3093 Magdala Magdala Verses
G3094 Magdalene Magdalene Verses
G3095 Mageia sorcery Verses
G3096 Mageuo use sorcery Verses
G3097 Magos wise man, sorcerer Verses
G3098 Magog Magog Verses
G3099 Madian Madian Verses
G3100 Matheteuo teach, instruct, be disciple Verses
G3101 Mathetes disciple, vr disciple Verses
G3102 Mathetria disciple Verses
G3103 Mathousala Mathusala Verses
G3104 Mainan Menan Verses
G3105 Mainomai be mad, be beside (one's) self Verses
G3106 Makarizo call blessed, count happy Verses
G3107 Makarios blessed, happy, happier Verses
G3108 Makarismos blessedness Verses
G3109 Makedonia Macedonia Verses
G3110 Makedon of Macedonia, Macedonian Verses
G3111 Makellon shambles Verses
G3112 Makran far, afar off, good way off, far hence, great way off, far off Verses
G3113 Makrothen afar off, from far Verses
G3114 Makrothumeo be patient, have patience, have long patience, bear long, suffer long, be longsuffering, patiently endure Verses
G3115 Makrothumia longsuffering, patience Verses
G3116 Makrothumos patiently Verses
G3117 Makros long, far Verses
G3118 Makrochronios live long Verses
G3119 Malakia disease Verses
G3120 Malakos soft, effeminate Verses
G3121 Maleleel Maleleel Verses
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