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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G3476 Naasson Naasson Verses
G3477 Naggai Nagge Verses
G3478 Nazareth Nazareth Verses
G3479 Nazarenos of Nazareth Verses
G3480 Nazoraios of Nazareth, Nazarene Verses
G3481 Nathan Nathan Verses
G3482 Nathanael Nathanael Verses
G3483 Nai yea, even so, yes, truth, verily, surely Verses
G3484 Nain Nain Verses
G3485 Naos temple, a shrine Verses
G3486 Naoum Naum Verses
G3487 Nardos spikenard + Verses
G3488 Narkissos Narcissus Verses
G3489 Nauageo suffer shipwreck, make shipwreck Verses
G3490 Naukleros owner of a ship Verses
G3491 Naus ship Verses
G3492 Nautes shipman, sailor Verses
G3493 Nachor Nachor Verses
G3494 Neanias young man Verses
G3495 Neaniskos young man Verses
G3496 Neapolis Neapolis Verses
G3497 Neeman Naaman Verses
G3498 Nekros dead Verses
G3499 Nekroo be dead, mortify Verses
G3500 Nekrosis deadness, dying Verses
G3501 Neos new, younger, young man, new man, young women, younger man, young Verses
G3502 Neossos young Verses
G3503 Neotes youth Verses
G3504 Neophutos novice Verses
G3505 Neron Nero Verses
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