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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G3364 Ou me not, in no wise, no, never + + + , no more at all + , not translated, miscellaneous Verses
G3589 Ogdoekonta fourscore Verses
G3590 Ogdoos eighth Verses
G3591 Ogkos weight Verses
G3599 Odous tooth Verses
G3600 Odunao sorrow, torment Verses
G3601 Odune sorrow Verses
G3602 Odurmos mourning Verses
G3604 Ozias Ozias Verses
G3605 Ozo stink Verses
G3607 Othone sheet Verses
G3608 Othonion linen clothes Verses
G3609 Oikeios of the household, of (one's) own house Verses
G3610 Oiketes servant, household servant Verses
G3611 Oikeo dwell Verses
G3612 Oikema prison Verses
G3613 Oiketerion house, habitation Verses
G3614 Oikia house, at home, household, from the house Verses
G3615 Oikiakos of (one's) household Verses
G3616 Oikodespoteo guide the house Verses
G3617 Oikodespotes householder, goodman of the house, master of the house, goodman Verses
G3618 Oikodomeo build, edify, builder, build up, be in building, embolden Verses
G3619 Oikodome edifying, building, edification, wherewith (one) may edify Verses
G3620 Oikodomia edifying Verses
G3621 Oikonomeo be steward Verses
G3622 Oikonomia dispensation, stewardship Verses
G3623 Oikonomos steward, chamberlain, governor Verses
G3624 Oikos house, household, home + , at home + , miscellaneous Verses
G3625 Oikoumene world, earth Verses
G3626 Oikouros keeper at home Verses
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