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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G3802 Pagideuo entangle Verses
G3803 Pagis snare Verses
G3804 Pathema suffering, affliction, affection, motion Verses
G3805 Pathetos suffer Verses
G3806 Pathos inordinate affection, affection, lust Verses
G3807 Paidagogos schoolmaster, instructor Verses
G3808 Paidarion child, lad Verses
G3809 Paideia chastening, nurture, instruction, chastisement Verses
G3810 Paideutes instructor, which corrected Verses
G3811 Paideuo chasten, chastise, learn, teach, instruct Verses
G3812 Paidiothen of a child Verses
G3813 Paidion child, little child, young child, damsel Verses
G3814 Paidiske damsel, bondwomen, maid, maiden, bondmaid Verses
G3815 Paizo play Verses
G3816 Pais servant, child, son (Christ), son, manservant, maid, maiden, young man Verses
G3817 Paio smite, strike Verses
G3818 Pakatiane Pacatiana Verses
G3819 Palai long ago, any while, a great while ago, old, in time past, of old Verses
G3820 Palaios old, old wine Verses
G3821 Palaiotes oldness Verses
G3822 Palaioo wax old, make old, decay Verses
G3823 Pale wrestle Verses
G3824 Paliggenesia regeneration Verses
G3825 Palin again Verses
G3826 Pamplethei all at once Verses
G3827 Pampolus very great Verses
G3828 Pamphulia Pamphylia Verses
G3829 Pandocheion inn Verses
G3830 Pandocheus host Verses
G3831 Paneguris general assembly Verses
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