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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G4460 Rhaab Rahab Verses
G4461 Rhabbi Master (Christ), Rabbi (Christ), rabbi Verses
G4462 Rhabboni Lord (Christ), Rabboni (Christ) Verses
G4463 Rhabdizo beat, beat with rods Verses
G4464 Rhabdos rod, staff, sceptre Verses
G4465 Rhabdouchos sergeant Verses
G4466 Rhagau Ragau Verses
G4467 Rhadiourgema lewdness Verses
G4468 Rhadiourgia mischief Verses
G4469 Rhaka Raca Verses
G4470 Rhakos cloth Verses
G4471 Rhama Rama Verses
G4472 Rhantizo sprinkle Verses
G4473 Rhantismos sprinkling Verses
G4474 Rhapizo smite, smite with the palm of (one's) hand Verses
G4475 Rhapisma strike with the palm of (one's) hand + , strike with the palm of (one's) hand + , smite with (one's) hand + Verses
G4476 Rhaphis needle Verses
G4477 Rhachab Rachab Verses
G4478 Rhachel Rachel Verses
G4479 Rhebekka Rebecca Verses
G4480 Rheda chariot Verses
G4481 Rhemphan Remphan Verses
G4482 Rheo flow Verses
G4483 Rheo speak, say, speak of, command, make Verses
G4484 Rhegion Rhegium Verses
G4485 Rhegma ruin Verses
G4486 Rhegnumi burst, tear, rend, break, break forth, throw down Verses
G4487 Rhema word, saying, thing, no thing + , not translated Verses
G4488 Rhesa Rhesa Verses
G4489 Rhetor orator Verses
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