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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G4518 Sabachthani sabachthani Verses
G4519 Sabaoth sabaoth Verses
G4520 Sabbatismos rest Verses
G4521 Sabbaton sabbath day, sabbath, week Verses
G4522 Sagene net Verses
G4523 Saddoukaios Sadducees Verses
G4524 Sadok Sadoc Verses
G4525 Saino move Verses
G4526 Sakkos sackcloth Verses
G4527 Sala Sala Verses
G4528 Salathiel Salathiel Verses
G4529 Salamis Salamis Verses
G4530 Saleim Salim Verses
G4531 Saleuo shake, move, shake together, that are shaken, which cannot be shaken + , stir up Verses
G4532 Salem Salem Verses
G4533 Salmon Salmon Verses
G4534 Salmone Salmone Verses
G4535 Salos wave Verses
G4536 Salpigx trumpet, trump Verses
G4537 Salpizo sound, sound of a trumpet, trumpet sounds Verses
G4538 Salpistes trumpeter Verses
G4539 Salome Salome Verses
G4540 Samareia Samaria Verses
G4541 Samareites Samaritans Verses
G4542 Samareitis Samaria Verses
G4543 Samothrake Samothracia Verses
G4544 Samos Samos Verses
G4545 Samouel Samuel Verses
G4546 Sampson Samson Verses
G4547 Sandalion sandal Verses
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