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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G2280 Thaddaios Thaddaeus Verses
G2281 Thalassa sea Verses
G2282 Thalpo cherish Verses
G2283 Thamar Thamar Verses
G2284 Thambeo be amazed, be astonished Verses
G2285 Thambos be amazed + , be astonished + , wonder Verses
G2286 Thanasimos deadly Verses
G2287 Thanatephoros deadly Verses
G2288 Thanatos death, deadly Verses
G2289 Thanatoo put to death, cause to be put to death, kill, become dead, mortify Verses
G2290 Thapto bury Verses
G2291 Thara Thara Verses
G2292 Tharrheo be bold, be confident, confident, have confidence, boldly Verses
G2293 Tharseo be of good cheer, be of good comfort Verses
G2294 Tharsos courage Verses
G2295 Thauma admiration Verses
G2296 Thaumazo marvel, wonder, have in admiration, admire, marvelled + , vr wonder Verses
G2297 Thaumasios wonderful Verses
G2298 Thaumastos marvellous, marvel, marvellous thing Verses
G2299 Thea goddess Verses
G2300 Theaomai see, behold, look, look upon Verses
G2301 Theatrizo make a gazing stock Verses
G2302 Theatron theatre, spectacle Verses
G2303 Theion brimstone Verses
G2304 Theios divine, Godhead Verses
G2305 Theiotes Godhead Verses
G2306 Theiodes brimstone Verses
G2307 Thelema will, desire, pleasure Verses
G2308 Thelesis will Verses
G2309 Thelo will/would, will/would have, desire, desirous, list, to will, miscellaneous Verses
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