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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G2194 Zaboulon Zabulon Verses
G2195 Zakchaios Zacchaeus Verses
G2196 Zara Zara Verses
G2197 Zacharias Zacharias Verses
G2198 Zao live, be alive, alive, quick, lively, not translated, miscellaneous, vr live Verses
G2199 Zebedaios Zebedee Verses
G2200 Zestos hot Verses
G2201 Zeugos pair, yoke Verses
G2202 Zeukteria band Verses
G2203 Zeus Jupiter Verses
G2204 Zeo be fervent, fervent Verses
G2205 Zelos zeal, envying, indignation, envy, fervent mind, jealousy, emulation Verses
G2206 Zeloo zealously affect, more with envy, envy, be zealous, affect, desire, covet, covet earnestly, miscellaneous Verses
G2207 Zelotes zealous Verses
G2208 Zelotes Zelotes Verses
G2209 Zemia loss, damage Verses
G2210 Zemioo lose, suffer loss, be cast away, receive damage Verses
G2211 Zenas Zenas Verses
G2212 Zeteo seek, seek for, go about, desire, miscellaneous Verses
G2213 Zetema question Verses
G2214 Zetesis question Verses
G2215 Zizanion tares Verses
G2216 Zorobabel Zorobabel Verses
G2217 Zophos darkness, mist, blackness Verses
G2218 Zugos yoke, pair of balances Verses
G2219 Zume leaven Verses
G2220 Zumoo leaven Verses
G2221 Zogreo catch, take captive Verses
G2222 Zoe life, lifetime Verses
G2223 Zone girdle, purse Verses
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