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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
H1 'ab father, chief, families, desire, fatherless + , forefathers + , patrimony, prince, principal Verses
H2 'ab (Aramaic) father Verses
H3 'eb greenness, fruits Verses
H4 'eb (Aramaic) fruit Verses
H5 'Abagtha' Abagtha Verses
H6 'abad perish, destroy, lose, fail, surely, utterly, broken, destruction, escape, flee, spendeth, take, undone, void Verses
H7 'abad (Aramaic) to destroy, to perish Verses
H8 'obed perish Verses
H9 'abedah lost thing, that which was lost Verses
H10 'abaddoh destruction Verses
H11 'abaddown destruction Verses
H12 'abdan destruction Verses
H13 'obdan destruction Verses
H14 'abah would, will, willing, consent, rest content Verses
H15 'abeh desire Verses
H16 'ebeh swift Verses
H17 'abowy sorrow Verses
H18 'ebuwc crib Verses
H19 'ibchah point (of the sword) Verses
H20 'abattiyach melons Verses
H21 'Abiy Abi Verses
H22 'Abiy'el Abiel Verses
H23 'Abiy'acaph Abiasaph Verses
H24 'abiyb Abib, in the ear, green ears of corn Verses
H25 'Abiy Gib`own father of Gibeon Verses
H26 'Abiygayil Abigail Verses
H27 'Abiydan Abidan Verses
H28 'Abiyda` Abida Verses
H29 'Abiyah Abijah, Abiah, Abia Verses
H30 'Abiyhuw' Abihu Verses
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