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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G31 Aggelia message Verses
G32 Aggelos angel, messenger Verses
G33 Age go to Verses
G34 Agele herd Verses
G35 Agenealogetos without descent Verses
G36 Agenes base things Verses
G37 Hagiazo sanctify, hallow, be holy Verses
G38 Hagiasmos holiness, sanctification Verses
G39 Hagion sanctuary, holy place, holiest of all, holiness Verses
G40 Hagios holy, saints, Holy One, miscellaneous Verses
G41 Hagiotes holiness Verses
G42 Hagiosune holiness Verses
G43 Agkale arm Verses
G44 Agkistron hook Verses
G45 Agkura anchor Verses
G46 Agnaphos new Verses
G47 Hagneia purity Verses
G48 Hagnizo purify, purify (one's) self Verses
G49 Hagnismos purification Verses
G50 Agnoeo be ignorant, ignorant, know not, understand not, ignorantly, unknown Verses
G51 Agnoema error Verses
G52 Agnoia ignorance Verses
G53 Hagnos pure, chaste, clear Verses
G54 Hagnotes pureness Verses
G55 Hagnos sincerely Verses
G56 Agnosia not the knowledge, ignorance Verses
G57 Agnostos unknown Verses
G58 Agora market, marketplace, street Verses
G59 Agorazo buy, redeem Verses
G60 Agoraios baser sort, law Verses