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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G61 Agra draught Verses
G62 Agrammatos unlearned Verses
G63 Agrauleo abide in the field Verses
G64 Agreuo catch Verses
G65 Agrielaios wild olive tree, olive tree which is wild Verses
G66 Agrios wild, raging Verses
G67 Agrippas Agrippa Verses
G68 Agros field, country, land, farm, piece of ground Verses
G69 Agrupneo watch Verses
G70 Agrupnia watching Verses
G71 Ago bring, lead, go, bring forth, miscellaneous, vr bring Verses
G72 Agoge manner of life Verses
G73 Agon conflict, fight, contention, race Verses
G74 Agonia agony Verses
G75 Agonizomai strive, fight, labour fervently Verses
G76 Adam Adam Verses
G77 Adapanos without charge Verses
G78 Addi Addi Verses
G79 Adelphe sister Verses
G80 Adelphos brethren, brother, brother's, brother's way Verses
G81 Adelphotes brotherhood, brethren Verses
G82 Adelos appear not, uncertain Verses
G83 Adelotes uncertain Verses
G84 Adelos uncertainly Verses
G85 Ademoneo be very heavy, be full of heaviness Verses
G86 Hades hell, grave Verses
G87 Adiakritos without partiality Verses
G88 Adialeiptos continual, without ceasing Verses
G89 Adialeiptos without ceasing Verses
G90 Adiaphthoria uncorruptness Verses