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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G91 Adikeo hurt, do wrong, wrong, suffer wrong, be unjust, take wrong, injure, be an offender, vr hope Verses
G92 Adikema matter of wrong, evil doing, iniquity Verses
G93 Adikia unrighteousness, iniquity, unjust, wrong Verses
G94 Adikos unjust, unrighteous Verses
G95 Adikos wrongfully Verses
G96 Adokimos reprobate, castaway, rejected Verses
G97 Adolos sincere Verses
G98 Adramuttenos Adramyttium Verses
G99 Adrias Adria Verses
G100 Hadrotes abundance Verses
G101 Adunateo be impossible Verses
G102 Adunatos impossible, impotent, could not do, weak, not possible Verses
G103 Ado sing Verses
G104 Aei alway, always, ever Verses
G105 Aetos eagle Verses
G106 Azumos unleavened bread, unleavened Verses
G107 Azor Azor Verses
G108 Azotos Azotus Verses
G109 Aer air Verses
G110 Athanasia immortality Verses
G111 Athemitos unlawful thing, abominable Verses
G112 Atheos without God Verses
G113 Athesmos wicked Verses
G114 Atheteo despise, reject, bring to nothing, frustrate, disannul, cast off Verses
G115 Athetesis disannulling, to put away + Verses
G116 Athenai Athens Verses
G117 Athenaios Athenians, of Athens Verses
G118 Athleo strive Verses
G119 Athlesis fight Verses
G120 Athumeo be discouraged Verses