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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
H8608 Taphaph playing with timbrels, tabering Verses
H8609 Taphar sew Verses
H8610 Taphas take, taken, handle, hold, catch, surprised, miscellaneous Verses
H8611 Topheth spit Verses
H8612 Topheth Tophet, Topheth Verses
H8613 Tophteh Tophet Verses
H8614 Tiphtay (Aramaic) sheriffs Verses
H8615 Tiqvah hope, expectation, line, the thing that I long for, expected Verses
H8616 Tiqvah Tikvah, Tikvath Verses
H8617 T@quwmah stand Verses
H8618 T@qowmem that rise up against thee Verses
H8619 Taqowa` trumpet Verses
H8620 T@qowa` Tekoa, Tekoah Verses
H8621 T@qow`iy Tekoite, Tekoah Verses
H8622 T@quwphah end, circuit, come about Verses
H8623 Taqqiyph mightier Verses
H8624 Taqqiyph (Aramaic) strong, mighty Verses
H8625 T@qal (Aramaic) Tekel, weighed Verses
H8626 Taqan make straight, set in order Verses
H8627 T@qan (Aramaic) established Verses
H8628 Taqa` blow, fasten, strike, pitch, thrust, clap, sounded, cast, miscellaneous Verses
H8629 Teqa` sound Verses
H8630 Taqaph prevail Verses
H8631 T@qeph (Aramaic) ... strong, harden, make firm Verses
H8632 T@qoph (Aramaic) strength, might Verses
H8633 Toqeph power, strength, authority Verses
H8634 Tar'alah Taralah Verses
H8635 Tarbuwth increase Verses
H8636 Tarbiyth increase, unjust gain Verses
H8637 Tirgal to go Verses