All strongs Strong's Greek Strong's Hebrew
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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G121 Athoos innocent Verses
G122 Aigeos goatskin + Verses
G123 Aigialos shore Verses
G124 Aiguptios Egyptian, Egyptians Verses
G125 Aiguptos Egypt Verses
G126 Aidios eternal, everlasting Verses
G127 Aidos shamefacedness, reverence Verses
G128 Aithiops Ethiopian Verses
G129 Haima blood Verses
G130 Haimatekchusia shedding of blood Verses
G131 Haimorrheo diseased with an issue of blood Verses
G132 Aineas Aeneas Verses
G133 Ainesis praise Verses
G134 Aineo praise Verses
G135 Ainigma darkly + Verses
G136 Ainos praise Verses
G137 Ainon Aenon Verses
G138 Haireomai choose Verses
G139 Hairesis sect, heresy Verses
G140 Hairetizo choose Verses
G141 Hairetikos that is a heretic Verses
G142 Airo take up, take away, take, away with, lift up, bear, miscellaneous Verses
G143 Aisthanomai perceive Verses
G144 Aisthesis judgment Verses
G145 Aistheterion senses Verses
G146 Aischrokerdes greedy of filthy lucre, given to filthy lucre Verses
G147 Aischrokerdos for filthy lucre Verses
G148 Aischrologia filthy communication Verses
G149 Aischron shame Verses
G150 Aischros filthy Verses