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Code Transliterated word Translations Verses
G151 Aischrotes filthiness Verses
G152 Aischune shame, dishonesty Verses
G153 Aischuno be ashamed Verses
G154 Aiteo ask, desire, beg, require, crave, call for Verses
G155 Aitema require, request, petition Verses
G156 Aitia cause, wherefore + + , accusation, fault, case, crime Verses
G157 Aitiama complaint Verses
G158 Aition fault, cause Verses
G159 Aitios author Verses
G160 Aiphnidios unawares, sudden Verses
G161 Aichmalosia captivity Verses
G162 Aichmaloteuo lead captive Verses
G163 Aichmalotizo bring into captivity, lead away captive Verses
G164 Aichmalotos captive Verses
G165 Aion ever, world, never + + + , evermore, age, eternal, miscellaneous Verses
G166 Aionios eternal, everlasting, the world began + , since the world began + , for ever Verses
G167 Akatharsia uncleanness Verses
G168 Akathartes filthiness Verses
G169 Akathartos unclean, foul Verses
G170 Akaireomai lack of opportunity Verses
G171 Akairos out of season Verses
G172 Akakos simple, harmless Verses
G173 Akantha thorns Verses
G174 Akanthinos of thorns Verses
G175 Akarpos unfruitful, without fruit Verses
G176 Akatagnostos cannot be condemned Verses
G177 Akatakaluptos uncovered Verses
G178 Akatakritos uncondemned Verses
G179 Akatalutos endless Verses
G180 Akatapaustos cannot cease Verses